why people lose money in the stock market

why people lose money in the stock market:

Normally new traders do not know why people lose money in the stock market because people enter the stock market for some extra earning but they lose their hard earn money because of some unknown fact of the stock market.AND it is a bitter truth.

lose money in stock market


 Often we think that Stock market is a money-making machine where we can make more money as we wish but we never think that it is operated by some exchanges so if we want to earn a lot of money from the stock market than we will have to pay for this it means you have to exchange something, maybe your knowledge.


See on the other side if you can not exchange your knowledge OR you entered in the stock market without knowledge than what will you pay ?????????
your hard-earned money or your lifetime saving ???
Here you must be thought??????????

 some unknown fact of stock market……..

*     If you want to earn money in the safest way than FIRST LEARN THAN EARN so that you can exchange your knowledge with stock market exchange.

  •  Usually, people focus to earn a profit, they never focus to control loss or manage their losses.
  •  Do not blame your luck when you got lost from the stock market always try to find out the reason for your loss and its counter.
  •  keep patience and do not be too greedy.
  •  Always have a better money or loss management plan for wealth creation strategy
  •  Never forget your loss bearing capacity for each and every trade or trading day as per your capacity.

if you got some idea from my experience pls comment for case stories of the stock market…

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Learning Method of Stock Market:

Dear trader, there are many sources where you learn about stock market i.e youtube, blog, investment site but the best way of learning is self-learning in the live market
I suggest you can take initial knowledge from you tube like what is candlestick pattern how market work etc for deep knowledge, you have to follow regular update on live market data and investment blog because many economical events held during your learning period but without following the regular blog or idea you can not know about these events
Self-learning from the live market is the best way to learn about the stock market because, by this way you can understand your weakness, patience and greed in the stock market and you can make your own trading strategy by your trading experience
the most important thing is this never follow or copy youtube strategy because all are fake you can take an idea from these strategies so never use they always give you loss because you are not able to understand the use of these strategies and always follow news of particular company so you can learn to abut this company

Learning Tip for beginners:

These are some important for learning tips for stock market beginners by which they can learn about the stock.
*       You can learn from a live account or demo trading account as I suggest learning through live account so first open a live trading account.
*       Read books or blogs for market operation, how the market works, and learn some technical analysis. after that take classes of candlesticks pattern.
i.e how candles build.hammer pattern, engulfing patterns, hanging man pattern, etc 
*       Learn about technical analysis and technical indicators like moving averages, MACD, ADX, RSI, STCHOSTICS, etc 
*        Now you can learn about the price-volume analysis that is the prime of technical analysis in price action trading and also learn about following things 


* Pitchfork Analysis

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